Algo Trader System EURUSD H4 three Months' License

Your initial charge will be $88 for the first three months.
You will then be charged $21 per month.

After your payment, please send your MT4 account number to, we'll send you the system within 24 hours.

Detailed Introduction (Published in FXStreet)

Algo Trader system: A precise trend detector

The trend is our friend.

But... what is the trend?

How to track the trend? There will be dozens of methods.

Today I'll make a brief introduction of my Algo Trader System, which could well define and track the trend on 60 min and 240 min chart.

The logic of Algo Trader includes price action, pivot and my own trend following method.

It could work on 9 pairs (H1 and H4 timeframe)


Please note that this version could work on EURUSD H4 timeframe only.

Work on other timeframe or other pairs will lead to distorted result.

In backtest, it needs to load at least 6000 bars on H4 chart.

The basic logic are the same, but the calculation method and filters are different for every pair and every timeframe.

Chart 1: Algo Trader System


1. Perfect buy trade setup

When short term trend, medium term trend and/or long term trend all turn green, and the price also closed above the upper bands, this should be a perfect buy opportunity, exit on price close below lower bands.

(The stop loss level could also be 5 pips below recent swing low)

Chart 2: Perfect buy trade setup


2. Perfect sell trade setup

When short term trend, medium term trend and/or long term trend all turn magenta, and the price also closed below the lower bands, this should be a perfect sell opportunity, exit when price close above upper bands.

(The stop loss level could also be 5 pips above recent swing high)

Chart 3: Perfect sell trade setup


3. Timeframe:

H4--Medium term trade

H1--Intraday short term trade

Chart 4: Intraday short term trade setup


4. Combined H1 and H4 timeframe, we could well understand the market.

Chart 5: Recent EURUSD Moving


5. Combined with Elliottwave theory to maximize profit and avoid potential immature entries

For a long time, I traded on manually Elliottwave analysis and look for top and bottom signs at potential turning points.

After Algo Trader system was created, I find the whole work become very easy.

To my experience, try to trade wave 3 and wave 5 should be more profitable.

Now let's see recently USDJPY uptrend from 104.63 to 111.39.

After all the candles are flagged on the chart, we find it is a textbook 5 wave rally.

However, it is extremely hard to identify it during the trend developing.

Combined with Algo Trader system, we could pick most of the movement in wave 3 and wave 5.

Also could avoid the sell trade of a potential double top formation in wave 5.

Chart 6: track the movement of wave 3


Chart 7: identify wave 5


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