1. What is the difference between EA Algo Scalper and your Gold system in Esignal?

The language in Esignal is much more powerful than MQL4.

The logic could not be fully translated into MT4.

Although the profit is almost 50% off in MT4, we still think it could be acceptable.

2. When will you translate all your system into several fully automated MT4 EA?

Due to the function of MQL4 language, perhaps it's almost impossible at current stage.

3. What is the difference between your published trade idea and your trade signal?

All published trade idea in FXStreet should be executed in both our own account the the master account.

But in our trade copy master account, will include some trade idea that doesn't published.

Also the exit of the published idea should be flexible according to the market condition.

4. How to copy your trade?

We recommend FXBlue personal trade copier,which could reduce the possible delay to a largest extent.